Scrap Metal Services

We specialise in the supply and recycling of high quality scrap metals for companies and personal clients in Whitstable.

We’ll treat you with the same high standard and professionalism that we take with every customer, ensuring you get a first class service.p Metal Dealers Act and are accredited by the Environment Agency, Canterbury City Council and BMRA.

Do you need to get rid of a lot of scrap metal? We can handle any size load of scrap metal, and will ensure that it is either recycled or disposed of safely.

If you have any questions about our scrap metal supplies or want to know if we can take your scrap, get in contact today.

Our scrap metal service includes:
  • Recycling and supplying scrap metals
  • Gold, platinum, silver purchasing and selling
  • Commercial waste disposal
  • Domestic waste disposal
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Recovering waste batteries
  • Cable removal

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Whether you want to sell your precious metals or have your garage cleared, Whitstable Metals has the expertise to get the job done.

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